How do Intention Oils Work?

Our intention oils are made with 100% natural ingredients and pure intent. All Oils are pre-cleansed with Sage. Our Intention Oils align your vibrations with the frequency of Love, Abundance and Peace using the power of Alchemy! Alchemy is the proto-science of transmuting and repurposing energy.

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Benefits of Smudging

Smudging is a healing tradition which involves the burning of one or more natural medicines gathered from the earth. Burning Sage is believed to remove negative spirits and vibrations from your body and environment, making energetic room for love, peace and abundance.

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Send a Gift to Someone You Love!

Thinking of gifting someone for their special day? Show your Love and Appreciation with a surprise Intention Oil Set from Pretty Scientist! Each set includes 3 Intention Oils (Love Magnet, Wealth and Spirit), 1 Chakra Sage & 1 Palo Santo Stick.

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3 Nights | 9 Plant-Based Meals | Your Own Bed | Meditation Sessions | Therapy Sessions | Psychedelic Healing | Sound Therapy | Connect with a High Vibrational Community | A Healing Experience you’ll never forget!

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Get your FREE Natal Chart!

Knowledge of Self is an amazing, never-ending journey! Everyone on Earth has an Astrological blueprint that can be referred to when learning about one’s self. Your Natal Chart shows the exact placement of the Earth, Moon, Planets (and Other Astroids) at the exact time of your birth. This Science explains one’s Personality, Perception of Life, Past Life, Destiny, Luck, Strengths, Debilitations, and EVERYTHING in between!

Ready to dive WITHIN yourself?

Email the current information to

1. Full Name

2. Birthdate

3. Country, State & City of Birth

4. Exact Birth Time (this can be found on your original Birth Certificate.)

Your Customized Natal Chart will be sent directly to your email, as well as a general description of each Planet and Natal House to get you started. Have fun deep-diving!

Loc Crystal Kits

Add some SPARKLE to your Locs with our Loc Crystal Kits! Everything you need to install is included with every purchase: 80pc Locs Sprinkles, 1 Curved Needle and Spool of Black Thread

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