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Pretty Scientist

Spirit Grounding Intention Oil (SMALL)

Spirit Grounding Intention Oil (SMALL)

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By the time your Pretty Scientist Intention oils arrive, your products have already been cleanse, smudged and blessed with its specific Intention.


1. Use caution to light the tip of your sage until it is producing smoke.

2. Hold your intention oil up with one hand and hold your sage underneath it (at least a foot away) with the other. Allow the smoke from the sage to submerge the intention oil bottle from underneath.

3. *Very important* Say your intentions out loud and follow up with a prayer and/or positive affirmations.

4. Use intention oil once a day on your neck, shoulders and wrists with your intentions in mind.

5. Remember to always think optimistically and take action toward your intentions every day.



Now that you have cleansed and blessed your oils, say a prayer and put your intentions out, allow the Almighty to guide your path, may you manifest calmness, mental clarity, balance, forgiveness, opportunities, abundance, pure intentions and LOVE!

Disclaimer: Pretty Scientist Intention Oil is only made to be used topically. Never consume or insert internally.

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